Simply Beautiful Pedicure



Sink your feet into our signature softening soak, enriched in minerals. Our micro buff scrub rich in jojoba and sunflower oils is followed by our refreshing foot mask leaving your feet soft and energized. All of our pedicures include the polish color of your choice.


Peppermint Pedicure



Soak your feet in an invigorating and refreshing peppermint bath. Enjoy our signature pedicure followed by a wonderful peppermint massage guaranteed to relieve tired, aching feet leaving you walking on a cool cushion of air.


Milk & Honey Pedicure



Soak with a soothing scent of milk and honey. Experience the ultimate exfoliation with our milk and honey sea salts that leave your feet silky smooth. Enjoy a honey mask with its natural humectants that moisturize and add vital nutrients followed by a heavenly milk and honey cream massage, leaving your feet extremely hydrated. A favorite!


Paraffin Paradise Pedicure



The Simply Beautiful Pedicure with the added element of a warm and hydrating paraffin foot mask.


Tension Relief Pedicure



The ultimate in relaxation. This incredible pedicure features all the benefits of our signature pedicure but includes a 20 minute heavenly foot and calf massage, leaving your mind, body, and feet in a state of total relaxation.


Neat Feet Pedicure



This quick fix, 30 minutes pedicure provides all the steps needed to clean up nails and cuticles leaving the feet looking “neat.”


French Pedicure



A Simply Beautiful Pedicure with painted white tips. 


Polish Change



Change your nail polish.