Simply Beautiful Day



Custom advanced facial, swedish massage, milk & honey pedicure.  Approximately 3.5 hours.


Winter Retreat



Body scrub, anti-free radical facial, hot stone massage, and a milk & honey pedi.  Approximately 4-1/2 hours.


Stress Reliever



Aromatherapy cocoon de-stress, tranquil salt glow, aromatherapy facial, and aromatherapy massage.  Approximately 4 hours





Scalp massage, back tension massage and foot reflexology.  Approximately 1-1/2 hours.


Executive Getaway



90-minute swedish massage, simply beautiful manicure, and milk & honey pedicure.  Approximately 3 hours.


Simply Beautiful Bride



Series of six lacto-flora peels (30 minutes each), two facials (1-1/4 hours each), complimentary skin care, and travel kit ($32 value). Begin your treatment eight weeks prior to wedding day.





Pregnancy massage, peppermint pedicure, and Simply Beautiful manicure. Approximately 2-1/2 hours.


Teen Treat



Teen facial, eyebrow shaping, neat feet pedicure, Simply Beautiful manicure.  Approximately 2-1/4 hours.


Let’s Glow



Pineapple coconut sugar scrub with a honey coconut body wrap, European facial, and a Let’s Glow pedicure.  Approximately 3-1/2 hours.