Swedish Massage

$85 - 55 minutes
$120 - 85 minutes


A Swedish style massage, loosening tight muscles and soothing sore muscles.


Deep Tissue Massage

$95 - 55 minutes
$130 - 85 minutes


A deep tissue massage to work out tight muscles and relieve tired joints.


Stone Massage

$100- 55 minutes
$135 - 85 minutes


The ultimate experience in relaxation when heated stones are dipped in a rich essential oil then gently applied to the chakra points of the body. Traditional massage techniques compliment the warmth of the stones to ease muscle tension.


Prenatal Massage



A relaxing, soothing massage to relieve the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Our tables are specifically designed to fit any stage of pregnancy.


Aromatherapy Massage



A relaxing massage using a blend of essential oils to aid in detoxification and stress-relief.


Scalp Massage



An aromatic massage for hair and scalp. Essential oils are chosen and massaged into the scalp for thirty minutes leaving you in a state of total relaxation. Enjoy an energizing body-jet shower leaving your hair hydrated and shiny.


Back Tension Massage



A stress-relieving, 30 minute massage concentrating on the back, neck and shoulder area.



$80 - 55 minutes
$50 - 30 minutes


The oriental method of massage using pressure points on the feet to relieve stress and promote relaxation while releasing energy throughout the body.



$80 - 55 minutes
$50 - 30 minutes


“Love and light infused into motion” is a healing method more than 2500 years old. Reiki brings balance to the body, emotions, mind and spirit. There are no contraindications in receiving Reiki, as it is a very light touch (administered fully clothed). Your spirit/higher-self guides the healing (as in prayer), allowing every illness, injury, situation to be treated. The body comes into harmony, relieving physical and emotional blockages.