Lip or Chin Wax: $10

Eyebrow Sculpture: $18-20

Bikini Wax: $40-55

Brazilian Wax: Starting at $60-$70

Underarm Wax: $25

Arm Wax: $35-50

Full Leg with Brazilian Wax: $125

Lower Leg Wax: $45

Lower Leg Wax with Bikini: Starting at $80

Upper Leg Wax: $45

Upper Leg Wax with Bikini: Starting at $80

Full Leg Wax: $70

Full Leg Wax with Bikini: $105

Back Wax: $45-60

Electrolysis Consultation: No Charge for Consultation

Using up to the minute technology, a minimal amount of electricity is gently applied to the base of the hair follicle. This process is proven to stop hair growth.

Electrolysis (15 Minutes or Less): $25 or 6 for $138

Electrolysis (30 Minutes): $45 or 6 for $252

Electrolysis (60 Minutes): $80